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byTarun Agarwal 3年前

Arduino Sensor – Types and Applications

当电子业余爱好者开始设计任何项目时,主要关注的因素将是硬件和可用软件IDE之间的兼容性问题。Arduino于2000年代左右发明,作为此类问题的答案。Arduino ...

byTarun Agarwal 3年前

Fingerprint Sensor Working and Applications

From the past few years, fingerprint detection utilization has existed for identification. Generally, the features of fingerprint recognition systems include faster speed, lower costs, as well as consistency is more comparing to other types...

byTarun Agarwal 3年前

Arduino Mega 2560 Board

Arduino board is an open-source microcontroller board which is based on Atmega 2560 microcontroller. The growth environment of this board executes the processing or wiring language. These boards have recharged the automation industry with...

byTarun Agarwal 3年前

An Overview of Arduino Nano Board

This article gives detailed information about an Arduino Nano board, and it is one kind of microcontroller board which is designed by the Arduino team. This microcontroller is based on Atmega168 or Atmega328p. It is fairly similar to Arduino...

Arduino Uno R3
byTarun Agarwal 3年前

Arduino Uno R3,PIN图,规格和应用

The Arduino UNO R3 is frequently used microcontroller board in the family of an Arduino. This is the latest third version of an Arduino board and released in the year 2011. The main advantage of this board is if we make a mistake we can...

Smart Irrigation System using IoT
byTarun Agarwal 4 years ago